Hardwood Floors

Everything You Need to Know About

The Red Carpet Experience for Hardwood Floors

Troff’s Red Carpet Experience for Hardwood Floors utilizes the same values as our other services to create a system that will bring new life to the hardwood flooring in your business or home.

Important Notice

This process is not designed to repair damage. Our system focuses on restoring your hardwood floors as close to their original look and feel as possible. Our process does not include manufactured floors.

Our Prices

Hardwood Cleaning – $3.00/ Square Foot

Our Process

We want you to be fully informed about what to expect when the Troff technician comes to your business, so listed below is the 6-Step Process.

Red Carpet

Experience for

Hardwood Floors


First the technician test the floors for any wax and oily substances. Then determines the best method for cleaning as well as listen to any concerns you may have.

Area Preparation ​

All moveable furniture is moved from the area to begin the process. Your floor will receive a professional vacuuming to remove ll dry soil, maximizing the results.


We attempt to blend out minor imperfections, and aesthetically challenged areas.

Dustless Reconditioning Process​

State of the art wood safe cleaners are used for a dust free clean.

Refinishing Coat

A refinishing product is put down to all accessible areas to add an extra layer of protection. 


Our technician will go over the cleaning results and discuss how you can maintain your floors.

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