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about mosquitoes

It’s hard to enjoy your backyard with mosquitoes hanging around. These uninvited guests can ruin a perfectly great day outdoors. And mosquitoes aren’t just irritating pests, they can be dangerous. But to be fair, the mosquitoes aren’t really the problem. Yes, they can be extremely annoying, but the true danger is the bacteria and parasites they carry. The mosquitoes along with these diseases can be downright dangerous and they can threaten the safety of your family. Use this educational guide to help prevent mosquitoes as much as you can on your own, and if the problem gets out of hand just give Troff a call!

Quick Mosquito Facts

A relatively small number of species transmit dangerous diseases

There are over 3,000 mosquito species worldwide

Over 150 mosquito species inhabit the U.S.

Only adult female mosquitoes bite

Mosquitoes feed on nectar, plant juices and decaying plant material

A female mosquito needs one blood meal for every batch of eggs she produces

All mosquitoes have 4 distinct life stages: egg, larva, pupa, adult

Mosquito eggs can survive up to 7 years before hatching

Mosquito eggs require water to hatch into successful larvae

With a 100% survival rate, a single mosquito could be responsible for over 1 billion mosquito descendants in under a month. 

How Can You

prevent them?

Turn over anything that can hold water such as: wagons, plant saucers, and trays, children’s toys, blow up pools, etc. Some things you may just want to get rid of. Clean your gutters so standing water will not be able to accumulate. Tires and tire swings are a favorite breeding ground of the tree-hole mosquitoes that cause encephalitis. They should be removed quickly or at least have a drainage hole drilled into the lowest portion and be monitored to make sure they don’t begin to accumulate water. Simply put, any and all standing water needs to be eliminated. Any that can’t, needs to be treated. Fixtures such as pools should have the filter run the number of recommended hours per day and bird bath water should be changed weekly. 

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