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Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

Goes above and beyond when it comes to using a pure-water system. A pure-water system incorporates the use of filtered water to clean the outside of your windows. If the water is not pure enough, chlorine, minerals and other dissolved solids will leave streaks on your windows.

To guarantee no streaks, the water needs to have a total dissolved solids measurement of 000 TDS.

Most systems on the market, and thus, most systems used by other window cleaners only include a carbon filter and deionization filter (DI). Through our extensive research on how to purify water and make sure that the total dissolved solids level reaches 000, we have created a 4 stage filter system which guarantees that the water used to clean your windows will be filtered of all chlorine, minerals, and other dissolved solids. Your window will be left clear and streak free.

When the Troff technicians arrive to your home, they’ll do an inspection with you to identify the windows you would like to have cleaned. The technician will point out any areas of concern they find that may affect the cleaning results. Some problem areas may not be noticed until after the windows have been properly cleaned. After the inspection the technician will begin by removing the screens and the cleaning process will begin.



Because of the variety of windows that are used on homes, Troff always starts with an inspection. You will not need to be home for the inspection as long as we are able to view all sides of the home.

$10.00 Per Window for inside and outside cleaning. This includes cleaning the screens and wiping of tracks, and sills.

$200.00 Minimum.


Give us a call to schedule a free inspection: 704-891-1958

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