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Troff began inside a minivan with Steve, Julie, Daniel, and Joseph on their way for a vacation.

Steve and Julie, the parents of Daniel and Joseph, were talking with Daniel about what he wanted to do when he graduated high school. He responded with, “We’ve always talked about starting a business, what if we did that?” After many more talks, both on the road trip and after the vacation, everyone agreed we would start a pest control company. Using the years of experience from working in the field already, Steve and Julie quit their jobs and began this unknown venture. But of course plans always change.

One day Steve was skimming through craigslist ads to begin purchasing basic equipment to start the business and he came across a used carpet cleaning van. Steve had spent most of his 20’s and early 30’s owning a carpet cleaning company with a partner. Eventually they sold the company and Steve continued his career in a factory. Seeing this used carpet cleaning set up sparked Steve’s interest and he eventually made the purchase. Through many trials and errors over more than 15 years all while giving our clients the most outstanding service possible, Troff Services stands where it is today. We are still the same family run company, offering a business that works to not just make money, but build relationships with the people and families that support us.

Today Troff offers a variety of services from Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, Mosquito Treatments, Soft Washing and Window Cleaning.

Troff Services About Us
Troff Services About Us

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