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The Red Carpet Experience®

For 15 years, Troff Services has been delivering The Red Carpet Experience®. The best tile cleaning service near you.

Have you ever tried tile cleaning by hand? It’s hard work and it quickly becomes messy and uncomfortable. It is impossible to get the same result that comes with The Red Carpet Experience® for tile cleaning with at-home cleaners and regular mopping.

Impossible, why? Grout lines are porous and dirt eventually finds its way deep and hidden within. Regular mopping, even with added scrubbing, simply can’t reach the hidden dirt.

Our professional tile cleaning service uses special equipment and our hot water extraction cleaning method to clean out the dirt hidden in your grout and clean the tile itself. With our specifically designed tile cleaning equipment, your grout will receive an increased water pressure rinsing. Combine this with our professional tile cleaning solutions and your floors will return to an almost like new appearance. The Red Carpet Experience® for tile cleaning removes over 95% of all dirt, body oils, and allergens.

Troff Services The Red Carpet Experience
Troff Services Tile Cleaning

How We Clean


Notating any existing damage or color seal applied to the grout. Color seal is similar to a paint put onto the grout to hide dirt and discoloration.


The tile and grout is treated with an alkaline solution. Grout is porous and so the solution works its way into the grout to break up dirt, oils and other contaminants.

Brush Agitation

Tile cleaning brushes are used in some situations where the cleaning solution needs assistance breaking up the oils, dirt and other contaminants.

Rinse & Extraction

Next a device called a turbo cleaner is used to clean. The turbo is a wand with a round dome like head. It has vacuum ports on the outside ring and spinning jets on the inside. This device can high pressure wash your tile and grout without wetting other services besides the tile.

High Speed Drying

The cleaned areas are wiped dry and high speed dryers are placed on the areas to ensure the grout is dry enough for a sealer to be applied.

Grout Sealing

A grout sealing solution is applied to protect against stains and other contaminants making personal cleaning easier and allowing professional cleaning to preserve the look of the tile and grout for many years.

Post Cleaning Inspection

Your technician will go over the results of the tile cleaning. Areas that have permanent stains or other issues will be gone over.

Soil Extraction & Rinse
Speed Dry
Grout Sealing
Final Product
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What We Clean

We Professionally Clean Tile, Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs, and More.

Our tile cleaning system focuses on education to bring you The Red Carpet Experience®

Add a high quality grout sealant to keep body oil, liquids and other contaminants from seeping into your grout and creating stains.

After your tile cleaning is complete and you have added a grout sealer, the best way to clean your tile is with a neutral cleaner. Nothing with soaps or and shine qualities. A great cleaner is vinegar and water (1-10 ratio).

Tile Cleaning

Grout Sealing

Add grout sealing to improve cleaning you do on your own and to protect against permanent staining.




Tiled Porches

Stone Countertops

Auto Cleaning

RV and Camper Tile Cleaning

Vehicle Seats and Floor Carpet

RV and Camper Carpet Cleaning

RV and Camper Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We measure our Carpet Cleaning Service by the Area. Areas that exceed 200 Sq/Ft are considered two areas.

Living Room

1 Area


1 Area
Closets are included in the cleaned area.


1 Area


1 Area
Split Stair Cases are considered 2 Areas.


1 Area
Closets are included in the cleaned area.

Connected Living Room and Dining Room

2 Areas

Extra Large Area

2 Areas
Areas that exceed 200 sq/ft

Finished Basement

Inspection Required

Upholstery Cleaning


Sectional Couch




Dining Chair


Top & Sides Cleaned - No Flipping

Cleaning Services

Troff Services Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Have an office building, church, or other commercial property in need of cleaning? Give us a call and we would be happy to give you a free inspection and quote.


How to clean tile myself?

Starting with an already dirty tile floor can be tough to clean. Grout is a porous substance and tends to soak up and spills and oils. These contaminants sink down into the grout and are impossible to remove without pressure (kind of like a driveway). After your tile cleaning with Troff Services, make sure to add on grout sealing. This will prevent spills and oils from absorbing into the grout. Next use a neutral cleaner (one without soaps or shine qualities) to mop the floor with a microfiber mop. A good cleaner to use is vinegar and water (1-10 ratio). This will upkeep the floor until it is time to professionally clean the tile again. Tile cleaning should be done professionally on average once a year.

My grout is crumbling and missing in some places?

Generally this is an issue of either age or poor craftmanship. Grout needs a specific combination of grout and water. Too much or too little and the grout will begin to degrade much sooner than it should. The solution is to have the tile regrouted in the damaged areas or the entire tiled surface. Just note that regrouting only specific areas may come with color differences as it is almost impossible to match grout color.

How do I know if my tile is dirty when it all looks the same?

Checking in low traffic areas will give you the best view of your tile. Check behind that cabinet that never moves or along walls that don't recieve too much traffic. Usually you will see a difference in the color of the grout and in some situations you may even see a color difference in the tile itself.

Service Areas

At Troff Services, we’re honored to bring The Red Carpet Experience® to an array of vibrant communities throughout North Carolina. Here’s a closer look at the locations we serve:


The historic charm of Concord, NC resonates with us at Troff Services. Known for its racing heritage and thriving downtown, we’re proud to offer exceptional window cleaning, pest control, and carpet cleaning services in this energetic city.


Matthews, NC, a suburb of Charlotte, charms with its blend of old and new. Its historic downtown and fast-growing residential areas make it a pleasure to provide our upholstery and carpet cleaning services here.


Home to the North Carolina Research Campus, Kannapolis, NC is a city we proudly serve. We’re always ready to deliver our expert window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pest control services to this innovative and bustling city.


Mooresville, NC, known as “Race City USA,” is another vibrant community we serve. As the city zooms forward, we’re here to ensure homes and businesses enjoy the best in window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.


Located a stone’s throw away from Concord, the growing town of Harrisburg, NC is another locale we’re delighted to serve. From the peaceful neighborhoods to the expanding business community, we bring our upholstery and carpet cleaning expertise to this welcoming area.


Charlotte, NC, the Queen City, with its iconic skyline and bustling urban environment, is an exciting part of our service area. We’re committed to bringing our exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties in this diverse and dynamic city.


Huntersville, NC, blends the tranquility of nature with the convenience of city life. Known for its vibrant parks and recreational areas, we’re thrilled to serve this community with our superior window cleaning and pest control services, preserving its natural beauty.


Mint Hill

The close-knit community of Mint Hill, NC, is the final star in our constellation of service areas. We take great pride in delivering our top-notch carpet and upholstery cleaning services to this family-friendly town, helping to keep homes fresh, clean, and inviting.


Nestled against Lake Norman, Cornelius, NC, is a serene and picturesque place that we’re proud to serve. We offer our meticulous window cleaning and expert pest control services to maintain the peace and beauty of this lakeside town.


The charming town of Davidson, NC, with its quaint downtown area and distinguished Davidson College, is a community we’re thrilled to serve. Known for its rich intellectual and cultural life, Davidson offers an inviting ambiance where we bring out top-notch carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and pest control services.

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