Pest Guide

The Ultimate

Guide to Pests

It can make a huge difference in the prevention of household pests if you are familiar with what type of pest to look out for during each time of the year. We have provided a simple yet comprehensive guide to educate you on specific things to look out for during each season, so if you start to notice any unwelcome guests don’t hesitate to give Troff a call!

Seasonal Pests


During winter days pests do not want to be outside any more than you do. Troff can help protect you from these unwelcome residents.

Look out for: spiders / crickets 


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As the warm weather begins to cool, many pests will be looking for a place to bunker down for the winter. Troff can help protect you from unwanted winter guests.

Look out for: american cockroaches / pill bugs


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Ants, spiders and cockroaches are as active as you during the summer months. But don’t worry, Troff can protect your home all summer long.

Look out for: ants / earwigs


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When the warm weather comes new pests like ants to centipedes come with it. Troff helps protect your home from unwanted invaders.

Look out for: centipedes / millipedes 

Specialty Pests

These specialty pests (listed below) create a unique problem and require a specific treatment. An exclusive pricing scale is used, but compared to the damage they can create, it is worth the investment. 

$199.00 for each one of these pests

(includes a 30 day follow up)

Yellow Jackets

Cicada Killers

Fire Ants (up to 1/2 Acre)

Outdoor Fleas (up to 1/2 acre)

Helpful Tips

• Continually knock down spider webs so they don’t build their home in your house.

• Wipe down your kitchen counters with soap and water to keep ants from trailing in. Then give Troff a call!

• Having a neat and well groomed yard will deter many types of pests from settling outside your home, which could lead them to come inside at a later point.

• To avoid pests in your pantry,  keep all containers tightly sealed at all times.

• Regularly treat your furry friends through a veterinarians office to reduce the risk of fleas in your home.

• Remember, for most common types of pests, sanitation and exclusion are the best first steps for a pest-free home.