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Mom, Me, and our Bees 2

“One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…” – Leo Tolstoy.

From Curiosity to Passion

There was a time when the world of beekeeping was but a distant hum in my life. While I’ve always harbored a love for nature and insects, I never anticipated that beekeeping would soon resonate as a defining passion.

The Inception: A Dive into the Unknown

August 2022 marked the beginning of this unexpected journey. My parents and I, complete novices in the realm of beekeeping, stepped into our first county beekeeper meeting. The topic of the day? Breeding queens. A subject so intricate that most of its intricacies buzzed right over our heads. We swiftly realized the depth of the journey we’d embarked on. There would be equipment to procure, techniques to master, and a world of knowledge to dive into.

A Young Bee in an Old Hive

Surveying the room, a fact struck me: the average age of beekeepers was on the rise, pegged at 57. In this sea of experienced individuals, I felt like a fledgling at 24, with only a vague inkling of the adventure that lay ahead. This brings me to why I named this blog, “Mom, Me, and our Bees.” While it’s true that my parents initiated this venture, the deeper story is that my dad hoped to craft a shared passion for my mom and me.

Mentorship under the Bee Maestro

As the first meeting drew to a close, the club president shared a golden opportunity. Several seasoned beekeepers were eager to mentor newcomers. And that’s when I met Stan Frick. A 20-year army veteran, a two-decade postman, and an almost 20-year beekeeper, Stan is a veritable fount of bee wisdom. Before my first hive even came into the picture, I found myself apprenticing with Stan, diving headfirst into the world of his nearly 50 bee colonies.

Stepping into the Hive

Our initial session remains etched in my memory. With a limited understanding from just a couple of meetings, I stepped into an oversized bee suit, unsure of even the basic terminologies. But Stan, with his blend of patience and precision, began unveiling the intricate dance of bee society. Working in pest control for seven years had familiarized me with insect behavior, but beekeeping? This was an intricate ballet of nature, where I was learning the profound depths of these wondrous creatures.

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