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Mom, Me, and our Bees

 “Keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Have you ever felt an inexplicable peace, standing amidst tens of thousands of buzzing bees, each one diligently working in harmony? It sounds surreal, especially if, like me, you’ve grown up with a wasp phobia! But fast forward to today, and I’m here, donning a bee suit, basking in the collective hum of these magnificent creatures.

Hello, fellow nature enthusiasts! I’m Joseph, a 25-year-old certified beekeeper from North Carolina, and this blog is an invitation to fly alongside me and my family on our beekeeping journey.

The Sweet Catalyst

The story begins in August 2022. Picture this: a family of devout honey lovers – my parents and me – deciding on a whim that we’d dive headfirst into the world of beekeeping. It wasn’t just about the golden nectar; it was the allure of a shared family adventure. The dream? Drawing out honey-packed frames, a testament to the combined efforts of humans and bees.

From Phobia to Passion

For someone who has dodged wasps since childhood, gravitating towards beekeeping might sound out of character. But there’s a serenity to this craft. The resonance of bees, their structured chaos, the very act of sharing honey – a product of mutual hard work, is nothing short of poetic.

A Bit More About Me

Beyond the hives, I am a fervent lover of the great outdoors – be it hiking, camping, or rock climbing. Insects have always fascinated me. Paradoxically, I’m also the main technician for the pest control division at Troff Services, our family-run multi-service company in Concord, North Carolina. We pride ourselves on our exceptional carpet cleaning and pest control services.

Now, you might think: “How can someone who deals with exterminating pests be passionate about preserving bees?” Well, to me, there’s no contradiction. While certain pests can be destructive or distressing, especially when they invade our homes, bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. Even in my professional capacity, I go the extra mile to protect these invaluable pollinators. Their significance in maintaining ecological balance is undeniable, and I’d never want our beautiful Earth to suffer their loss.

What Lies Ahead

Through this blog, I’ll chronicle our highs and lows – the sweet successes and the sticky challenges of beekeeping. As we delve deeper into keeping our ‘girls’ happy and thriving, I hope to not only share our learning but perhaps inspire some of you to embrace this rewarding endeavor.

So, whether you’re here to learn, share your own stories, or merely satisfy a curiosity, I hope you’ll join us on this buzzing adventure. Who knows, by the end, you might just find yourself longing for your own bee suit and hive!

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